Dan Eubanks is a native of Mobile and Baldwin County of Alabama. Dan was raised in a family of talented singers. His mother and sisters would sing in church and around the house. Says Dan “I remember lots of songs my mother and sisters would sing. I grew up listening to them but could not participate. I remember singing in church along with everyone hearing the beautiful vocals resonating all around me but was told to sing softer". What that really meant was to not sing at all. I admit I really tried hard to sing like my mother and sisters but just didn’t have the ability yet.

After high school one spring day I went to my car to go home and it wouldn’t crank. I ran to the bus line and was able to catch a ride home. An elementary student had a tape player and was listening to Garth brooks new record “No Fences” the song "Friends In Low Places" was a big hit and nearly everyone knew this huge hit. I put on the head set and was singing along and then when I handed back the head set the young under classman said “You sound a lot like Garth good job". I couldn’t believe someone told me this, and I was asked to sing it again. Were the kids making fun or has something developed that I was unaware of. Well that’s how I started I found my voice and I haven’t quit singing and practicing since. This was a true hidden talent.

Dan Eubanks father over heard him singing around the house and one night at the Hurricane Bream Club ”A fish camp in Baldwin County” was holding a benefit fundraiser for the club. His father George asked the band to let Dan set in and sing a song. Dan would sing his first song ever on stage “Honky Tonk Man” by Dwight Yoakum. It was a hit among all of the members and would start the ball rolling. His father George would support him one hundred percent. Finding stages and contest all over the gulf coast to expose Dan’s true raw talent to everyone he could get Dan in front of. Dan would achieve many fans and 1st place talent contest prizes along his fresh but promising career in country music.

Then one summer day in 1992 George was driving and listening to the radio when an opportunity of a life time would cross the air waves. A chance to sing your way to share the stage with The King of Country Music “The Possum” George Jones. Dan would enter and win the contest and share a spot on stage with his idol George Jones in front of thousands of cheering fans. The Possum had made his comeback and after many years without a top forty hit Dan found himself backing up "The Possum", a country radio hit “I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair” with other well known recording artist John Anderson And new comer Tracy Lawrence. What an experience for a young aspiring singer preparing to leave high school. This would get Dan and his father’s blood pumping and push for a career as a country music recording artist.

His father and manager positioned Dan as an opening act for nationally known artist such as Marty Stuart, John Berry, Little Texas, Diamond Rio and many others. In 1995 Dan cut his first CD “Like a Radio” in Nashville Tn. His father/manager pushed for a record deal until he unexpectedly became ill. Dan stopped his dream to take care of his father till his death in 2006.

Stopping was not good for a career in music, but best for him now as he looks back. Just like his father he can't be a quitter so Dan entered an open audition for the country version talent reality show “Nashville Star”. He was among the top 50 selected of over 150,000 auditioners in the 2008. This would set the drive he and his late father shared earlier in his career in country music. He organized a band and fell right back in the spot light entertaining and gaining fans of all ages once again.

It was time for some new originals and fresh songs to sing for his captive audience to hear. Dan Eubanks has recorded a new album titled "I've Got What It Takes". “I think this album is full of top forty type country songs” says Dan. It's all about country music to me. I truly enjoy great old country songs; however, I found my voice in the 90's so I guess my likes are of that era. Country music really made a big break out in the 90's. I remember my family and friends thinking I was crazy for listening to "Country Music" guess I was country when country wasn't cool! Thanks to Garth Brooks, he made country radio easier excepted to listen to with family and friends on long drives. No more fighting over the radio. You can certainly here the 90's type country to today’s country radio music in my new CD "I've Got What It Takes". Thanks to all artists and fans that have made country music what it is today.

Dan has big dreams and goals to do whatever it takes to make it as a country music recording artist. Although the road ahead will be tough and full of challenges, he is willing to work hard and strive to fulfill both Dan and his father’s “Dream” of striking a record deal. “I hope to meet everyone soon at my upcoming events” Dan Eubanks.

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