"I have recently submitted my music to iheartradio.com . I can't believe the response and success my new songs are having. The response is overwhelming to me but I am so proud of this new CD. I am thankful to all who have have found an interest in my new songs Thanks to all the Country Radio Stations,Directors, Dj's, Friend and Fans that have given my music an opportunity to be heard by others. I really believe in these songs thank you all for the plays help me keep it going."...... Dan Eubanks

Mama's House has been a favorite among listeners and has stayed on top 20 unsigned artist chart since about two weeks after submitted to play on iheart radio . The #1 Country Radio Station WKSJ on the Gulf Coast have Dan's songs in rotation being played on their website and program "Home Grown Country" a site they are playing a spot every Sunday night of local artist from around the gulf coast.

The success of Mama's House has made it to iheart radio's segment of the Sunday evening show that plays Artist from all around the US. The Uncovered and Discovered Show segment by Lance Houston played ." Mama's House" and was heard on over 2,500 stations with Clear Channel Radios stations around the U.S.

Dan's current success on this release of his new music on iheart radio has help catch on his other songs available for listening on iheartradio.com. Dan"s new single Mama's House has consistently stayed in iheart unsigned charts since February 2010 . Now as of March 2011 Dan has not one but four song's in the top 20 unsigned chart. Others include "Where Ever She Is," "Plastic Spoon" and "Deep In My Family Tree " This only proves Dan Eubanks has the voice and talent to collect and hold a country audience. From heart felt country crooners to country rockers . Listen to Dan today at iheartradio.com.

Thanks for the Plays


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